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I was beginning to think that there was nobody else like me

Man, I was beginning to think that there weren't any people
like me since I don't really have a permanent gang or group of friends,
but I guess weirdlikeus proved me wrong, thanks guys :)
It's hard to depict who you are over the internet but nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

Kay so I think about everything and everything, and often have trouble sleeping.
I'm pretty good at reading people and still value all the traits and values that people no longer care about,
such as kindness, respect, truthfulness, loyalty, humility and so on :)
I like reading, running around, chilling, watching movies, horse riding, doodling (I cannot draw)
, mountain climbing and any other activity you can think of :)
I like to try anything once just so I can say I did and I HAVE NOT seen Avatar, haha :)
I love gaming but never really have time for it. I don't really fit in because I think I
do a bit of everything, so I can't really define myself.
I don't know who or what I wanna be but I'm working and making myself better so that when I find
that special someone, I'll be the best that I can be.
That's just the tip of the iceberg but it was enough to sink the Titanic.
Stay motivated guys, people like us are unique; we have strong characters and we make the world interesting :D

If anybody wants to talk or hit me with a question, please do, the world of conformists
and sheep is turning me into an introvert :(
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