lovelsourweapon (lovelsourweapon) wrote in weirdlikeus,


So i thought i'd say hello. soo hello :)
This place seems nice for a kid like me.
I'm kind of a hippy i guess, but i bathe a bit more than the regulars.
In school i'm that odd kid that doesn't even fit in with the misfits.
My musical taste is a bit old school and unheard of.
I don't believe in shoes, which takes people off guard sometimes, but i like to be one with the Earth.
I'm a peace seeker. I'm on my path toward finding inner peace.
Being 16 i'm just starting to get the hang of life.
I write an online journal/diary and post on here, check it out if you'd like.
I'm not exactly the most interesting person in the world, but i love to reflect on life and ponder anything and everything.
Peace be with you. <3

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