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Hey. My name is Danielle, but for some reason I like the name Zukii, so I guess that's what I prefer to be called.
I'm 18, just graduated high school ^-^
I never fit in with any social clique growing up, lord knows I tried, I hopped from group to group, but fitting in just isn't my thing I guess :D and I'm alright with that.
I'm half white and the other half is MOSTLY hawaiian, there's barely any portuguese to even count.
I don't have many female friends because there's always just TOO MUCH drama going on and I'd rather not be a part of it, so I spend most of my time playing video games with all my guy friends and to them I'm just another boy :]
I work at Game Stop {a video game store for those who aren't familiar with the name} and I get to talk about nerd stuff all day, which I love.
I've been called an "entirely different breed of girl" I take it as a compliment. I enjoy being different than your usual robotic-mall-addicted teen.
Intelligence is sexy.
Let's talk sometime I guess.

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